Cathy’s Cross

We all have our crosses to bear and I’ve borne mine in silence for too many years. To a select few, I’ve spoken of the depression that has afflicted me for so long and how it has affected not only the way I live but the way others close to me have had to learn to deal with me in my depressive state. It has been the burden on my back— the weight that has pulled me down into a hole out of which many times I chose not to climb. 

But slowly, by allowing myself to be led into the light to experience a positive mindset as a result of forming habits that have proved beneficial, I was able to slowly climb out of the dark hole that had been so familiar and almost comfortable, leaving my cross behind as my determination became stronger. 

Please allow me to share my story in a new blogging platform where I reflect on how I was able to use uplifting ideas, positive quotes, and popular expressions to help me out of the hole that tried to bury me. Take this journey with me. Maybe you can find some solace in whatever it is that has also kept you underground. You don’t have to stay there!

Instead,  use your burdens— your cross— in a way that will help you climb out of that hole. Carry your cross above your head in a stance of triumph. We can get through this depression together. 

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Published by Cathy Marie

Cathy has published her poetry with The National Library of Poetry, and has won awards for her short stories. She is currently working on a novel where she uses her own personal experience with depression to develop the inner conflict for her main character, a high-powered magazine executive who has trouble sustaining relationships due to family trauma and chronic depression.

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