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Recently, I came to the realization that I no longer want to continue my marriage blog. It’s been quite some time since I wrote a blog post that actually has something to do with me being a newlywed. My last few posts have been about my parents, my struggles with endometriosis, and my fur baby Roxie. While the ideas for these posts came to me as a newlywed, their contents have nothing to do with the topic of navigating a new marriage. 

When I became engaged, I knew I was going to end my bachelorette blog, and I did that with great satisfaction. My very last bachelorette post was a reflection of my wedding day, complete with pictures that captured—in my opinion—the most perfect day. After I was married, one of my cousins and my sister encouraged me to start a blog about being a newlywed. That made sense and was completely logical, not to mention a fun idea.

Although I liked some of the posts I had written through this new lens, I later struggled with finding new things to write about that I was willing to share. There are some things that happen within a marriage that others—much less strangers—don’t need to know about. I found myself holding back because I didn’t want to reveal certain aspects of my private life with Dan despite the possibility that they could have been great posts. And while it can be argued that it’s justifiable to include anything I do as a married woman in a marriage blog, it doesn’t really show consistency. Is this a blog about the memory of my parents? What about how I’m dealing with endometriosis? Or is it about the new addition of a puppy? I was all over the place!

What I have learned recently is that if one were to create a blog, one needs to understand what niche the blog would fall under. That’s how you find your audience. The audience for my bachelorette blog was unmistakable: single women in their 20s, 30s and 40s who were perhaps tired of dating or who wished to be married. Who is my audience for my marriage blog? Yes, newlyweds mostly but really all married women. But don’t I alienate some of my audience when I start going on about endometriosis and my puppy? Perhaps not, because my endometriosis can be someone else’s diabetes and my puppy can be another couple’s first child. But each week, I stress myself out in trying to think of something to write about my new marriage that will resonate with my readers. And each week, I find myself once again disappointed in myself for not coming up with a fresh idea that I am willing to share. The question then becomes: Why am I doing this to myself?

It has taken me several months to realize that my heart hasn’t been in this marriage blog. I will no longer put any more pressure on myself to think of something to write about that concerns being a newlywed. When a topic powerful enough comes along and nags me to share it with my audience, I will most certainly follow that muse and transform that idea into words. Until then, I’m working on creating a new blogging platform where I will discuss ideas that have resonated with me, helping me to keep a positive perspective on life despite my depression. It’s all about my desire to keep a positive mindset to achieve my own form of happiness.

Again, I will continue writing about my marriage when an idea is compelling enough, but I will not expend any more energy in putting that kind of burden on myself. I am actually excited about my new blog idea because I truly believe that not only can it help others who may struggle with depression, but it will also help me keep an attitude of optimism, which will undoubtedly help me in other areas of my life. Let’s see what happens! 

Does this resonate with you? Please leave a comment about your own struggles with your creative works! I’d love to hear from you!

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Cathy has published her poetry with The National Library of Poetry, and has won awards for her short stories. She is currently working on a novel where she uses her own personal experience with depression to develop the inner conflict for her main character, a high-powered magazine executive who has trouble sustaining relationships due to family trauma and chronic depression.

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  1. I am excited to see what inspires you. I’ll be looking forward to your posts! Feel free to reach out to me anytime to chat. Also, thank you for following my blog via your blog called The True Confessions of a Reluctant Bachelorette.


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