A Hopeful Milestone

Okay, so I haven’t had any more really interesting stories to come out of my meal preparations for my endo diet, which is why I have been silent for some time. But I have been eating at least one meal from the book on a daily basis and am now proudly incorporating some of the ingredients into my own concoctions. I am now understanding how some of the ingredients work to reduce the amount of inflammation that occurs in my body as a result of the endometriosis that has plagued me for so long. Last month was a huge milestone in terms of the pain that usually keeps me bedridden. Besides the slight discomfort that I continually experience, I was fine! The bloating that was a regular nuisance was not even an issue; I was able to stand up straight when I walked; and I wasn’t bedridden! I was so excited!! There was finally hope!! But it wasn’t just the food that I changed that aided in this milestone. It was also my relationship with food as well as all the other things I feed my mouth.

FOOD: As mentioned earlier, I continue to incorporate at least one endo meal in my daily diet and add some key ingredients in my other meals. But I have to admit that I have been slacking. There are some meals that Dan is not so fond of so I try not to make them as often. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to burden him with my endo mission, especially if the food does not agree with him. My sister has suggested that perhaps he and I cook our own meals for a month so that I can focus completely on the endo diet book that I am following. That’s not a bad idea–why have I not approached him with this idea yet?  🤪

DRINK: I’m not a heavy drinker but I do enjoy an occasional shot of Café Patron or Goldschlager (or Anisette or Amaretto or Blackberry Brandy 🤩) while I prepare my dinner. But all of these liqueurs are very sweet and therefore work against what I’m trying to do for myself. According to endometriosisnews.com, “[s]ugar causes the body to release more of an inflammatory chemical called prostaglandin 2 and actually blocks the anti-inflammatory ones! Inflammation, especially chronic inflammation, causes heightened pain, which is, of course, something we want to reduce.” So while I’ve been eating more foods with anti-inflammatory ingredients, the sugar that I have been inhaling from my drinks and snacks and candy have been cancelling it out! In the last few weeks, I have cut down on my alcohol intake, so, as an experiment, I have decided to make April my dry month! I guess I should cut down on my snacking too… 😕

SNACKS. Though I know my snacks should involve food with natural sugar like fruits, there’s something inside of me that refuses to come to terms with that! I buy fruit only to have it spoil in the fridge. And it’s not like I have anything against fruit. I love apples and pears. Why not consume those as snacks? I only have bananas if they are in my morning shake; and I’ll only include blueberries if there are no more bananas. But if someone offered me a blueberry pie or banana flavored pudding or strawberry candy, I’d have it in a second! I can’t get enough of sugar! However, I am glad to report that for the last few weeks, I have consumed less sugar than I do on any given occasion. I am very aware of my addiction and I’m trying ever so slowly to keep my desires at bay when I am faced with the candy section at the pharmacy or supermarket. 😶

VITAMINS and MINERALS: I did a quick search for what kinds of vitamins and minerals I should be taking as someone who suffers with endometriosis. In my research, I found that primrose oil and magnesium should help block inflammation and endometriosis pain respectively. I have been taking those daily for about a month now. Turmeric should also help with inflammation; while I have it in powdered form in my cabinet, I will also be purchasing it in pill form. If I am not getting enough of the anti-inflammatory ingredients from my food, then it is up to me to invest in supplements that will help with my condition.

EXERCISE: Many years ago, I came to understand how important daily exercise is for the body. It’s the reason why I was able to survive so many months with an undetected collapsed lung. While I continue to exercise daily, these days I’ve added something extra to my morning routine. I have the privilege of spending quality time every morning for about 20 to 25 minutes with my puppy Roxie. These are short walks but yes, I do consider that time every morning to be a part of my daily exercise routine. And when Dan can’t, I walk her at various times during the day and evening. But is my routine really enough? Perhaps I should start looking into exercises that are targeted specifically to women who are suffering with endometriosis. Is there such a thing? I’ll let you know in about a month…

So there you have it. My first milestone has lead me to rethink everything that I need to do to continue to feel better. I’ve never had to think so much about my food intake before and for that, I suppose I have been privileged. But this new approach to my health is a little daunting but also rewarding. I’ll definitely keep you posted with how I am doing in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! More milestones to come!  🙃

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Cathy has published her poetry with The National Library of Poetry, and has won awards for her short stories. She is currently working on a novel where she uses her own personal experience with depression to develop the inner conflict for her main character, a high-powered magazine executive who has trouble sustaining relationships due to family trauma and chronic depression.

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  1. This is huge!! I love that you’re learning about and slowly easing into your new nutrition habits and even more excited for you that you are MINDFULLY settling into the idea. And it seems like your milestone has added a tinge of excitement towards your process! Kudos! Happy for you sis! Here’s to more milestones!


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