Roxie’s First Holiday

Roxie with her new best friend, Lamb Chop

Any new thing introduced into the normalcy of life takes a certain amount of adjustment. We’ve had to adjust to Roxie’s presence just as much as she has had to adjust to her new living environment and the two humans who now feed and play with her. And oh yes, the discipline. Her playful bites that actually really hurt, the chewing on shoes despite our protests, and the accidental bladder and bowel releases in the apartment are what we had to contend with during the past three weeks that Roxie has been with us. But in the middle of the inevitable chaos, there has been the charm of watching her just being herself.

We thought we’d have to fight to keep her away from the Christmas tree but she has maintained her distance for the most part. We thought the water from the base of the tree would be a problem for her, but she’s aimed for it only a couple of times and all we had to do was redirect her attention. And I thought it would be so easy to throw some adorable doggie clothes on her (i.e. a Santa hat and scarf) for her very own fashion shoot, but she absolutely refuses to keep any clothes on! (I did manage to take a few cute pictures before she shook the hat off of her head.)

Nevertheless, this holiday was made extra memorable and special because of Roxie’s presence in our lives. Coming into the New Year with her has given us such a warm and delightful perception of what it means to be a family. I feel that she has truly been our blessing.

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