Loving Roxie

Meet Roxie Jean Tighe!

Dan and I stepped out of the car in Newark, Delaware. I introduced myself to the breeder while Dan recorded a short Facebook live video announcing our arrival. We made small talk before the breeder led us inside of his house where we heard the adorable sound of tiny paws before a pack of miniature schnauzers welcomed us with their cute little whimpering cries. That’s when I spotted our little one among all the other minis running around and tripping over each other. Despite my long time belief that no matter how well you cleaned an animal, it was always dirty, I held Roxie close to my body when Dan handed her to me. And all the feelings— the love, the anticipation, the excitement— it all felt perfectly right. She was ours and we were going to take her home.

The breeder showed us how to hold her where she would not squirm or resist. I held her for quite some time before putting her back down. She immediately got lost amid the little bodies prancing excitedly around the room. But as I was talking to the breeder, Roxie ever so sweetly came back to my feet and nudged me on my left leg. Did the sweet little thing know that I was her fur mama? My heart was filled! I picked her up and exclaimed to her how much I loved her.

We took a few pictures with her, and the breeder gave us some information about her vaccinations, her food and other necessities. As we prepared to take her home, I placed her on my lap and there she stayed for the entire ride, as sweet and obedient as one can possibly imagine. For all she knew, she was going for an interesting adventure out in a moving box and she would be back with her schnauzer mates in just a few short moments. But that would not be the case. She was coming home to complete a family. Roxie Jean Tighe was coming home to be loved by us.

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Settling comfortably in her crate, her safe space.

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Cathy has published her poetry with The National Library of Poetry, and has won awards for her short stories. She is currently working on a novel where she uses her own personal experience with depression to develop the inner conflict for her main character, a high-powered magazine executive who has trouble sustaining relationships due to family trauma and chronic depression.

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